Game just freezes

Alright this is the same title from another article as the problem is related. Well my intense games freeze and give no response. I looked at the voltage there at 1.8v which is the requirement for the different ram. But I do notice something, they all are running at 400mhz. All of them are 800mhz ram.

Asus Radeon 4870 1gb
Phenom x4 9500 2.2ghz
6gbs of Ram 800mhz
2gbs (1 gig each) A-Data 1gb 800mhz
2 2gb ram sticks G-Skill 2gb 800mhz
HeC 750w

See maybe it has something to do with that, and maybe its not bad. But my PSU on Newegg has been reviewed in the 1 egg section to crash on heavy games.

So either its my PSU, RAM, or Motherboard. And if any of you can help me on this problem, I would be so happy so that I could then run my games without crashing. :D
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  1. I'm suspicious that 1.8v is the requirements of the ram at 800mhz.
    The clocks are doubled so depending on where you saw 400mhz the clock might be right.
    Suggest you look again at the voltage requirements at 800mhz for each of your (3) different chips.
    In the interim just run with the 4 gigs of G.Skill, after you recheck their voltage requirements at different clock speeds with G.Skill based on the model number.
  2. It seems like heat to me. Try to run you system with your case open and with a big fan directed at the mobo. If it works, buy a bigger and better ventilated case and get you system clean from dust (dust reduces dramatically heat exchange).

    Anyway, consider this:

    - Buy a new PSU, around 800W and from a major brand (Corsair). You'll be able to use it any rig you build for the next 2-3 years.
    - DDR2 memory is very cheap today, so get yours fixed. You could get some 4Gb of OCZ DDR2 800 for US$80 or so. Bizarelly enough, I've seen problems happening in DDR2 systems with memory config different from 2Gb, 4Gb ou 8Gb, so avoid 6Gb setups.
  3. Alright, I will try the 4 gb setup. Seems like a heat problem, since it is still doing it.
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