SONY VGC-RB42G trying to put in a new graphics card

hey guys i'm trying to put in a new graphics card for my sony vaio. last time i tried it jus didn't fit at all...for some reason i feel like sony doesn't want me upgrading but yeah. i could use some help. the current card is an integrated intel card. the specs to the computer are located here.
please help. i have no idea what to do.
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  1. what exactly are you trying to do with the new video card, the purpose?
  2. mainly just to play some games. i'm no hardcore gamer but some of the games that i do try to play demand more than just the integrated chip i have. so i'm trying to install a better one.
  3. well you are running a P4... but maby a like 9600GSO, not exactly sure if CPU will still limit your performance, what games do you play or plan on playing?
  4. nothing too demanding but mainly 1st person shooter games like combat arms, or rainbow six, or left 4 dead. anything like that.
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