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hey i got alot of foam laying around because i use to make rc planes and was wondering if i attach the foam to the inside of the case will that reduce the noise? Because when my fans are all on full its pretty loud so was wondering if foam could reduce noise.
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  1. You will probably find it would be better to buy some better quality fans as the sound proofing you add to your case will cause temps to rise slightly. Dont forget the actual material of the case also helps to radiate heat, so foam will reduce that effect.

    If its genuine fan noise then buy new fans... if its more a vibration then thin self adhesive foam tape around the edges of the side panels to prevent them increasing the vibration. My coolermaster CM631 is a nightmre for vibrations.
  2. i got silenx fans and enermax both use the rubber bolt things to attach to the case
  3. Hmm well then I would check the HSF on the CPU to see if that is causing any vibration in your case. The noise you hear is it the sound of moving air ?
  4. lol the noise i hear is just the fans and the moving air prolly i mean on idle my pc is silent pretty much but when the fans are on full then its a lil louder i just wanna make it dead silent lol.
  5. i dont think thats possible because all the fans add up to some noise guess id have to go with water cooling to make it as quiet as possilbe
  6. you could try using a fan controller to set the speed of your case fans instead of relying on the mobo sockets adjusting them according to load.

    HSF's are normally all speed adjusted by the BIOS
  7. lol i use a fan controller but thanks for the suggestions, id just wanna make a really dead silent case with good airflow to keep everything nice and cool, like id want it to be really quiet while gaming i mean i turn my fan speeds up to have good airflow while gaming but i rather have them all on low cuz its nice and quiet.
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