SSD (OS) and HHD (Game, App & Data)

I am planning on getting new gaming PC, my friends told me I should get SSD instead of HHD, the concern I have here is that due to limited capacity on SSD I won't be able to install many games on it but if I install my games to my HHD and have SSD running the OS. Isn't this setup kind of defeat the purpose of having SSD in the first place, my OS wills startup/shutdown faster but all my games is not running any faster than standard HHD since my game files is running off from HHD?
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  1. And SSD will boot your system faster ... we have 10 PC's in the house, and I often forget which one I am working on and whether it has a SSDE as in every day use, frankly, it is hard to notice doing mist things.

    Here's a video loading Starcraft 2
    66 seconds on HD
    44 second son SSD

    Howz that impact me ? Not at all....whether it's 44 or 66 seconds, I'm taking a bio or hitting the kitchen to stock up on snacks and both are dine before I get back.

    One thing ya can do is this:

    1. Install game to SSD.
    2. Copy game folder to HD and delete off SSD

    Yes it won't work at this point.

    3. To play game copy back to SSD
    4. Play game
    5. Repeat Step 2 when done

    Now if it takes 22 seconds to copy the files back and forth, exactly what have you accomplished :)

    The reality is though that you can leave the games you actively use on the SSD and only archive the ones you play less frequently back to the HD.
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