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Hi..I have an Acer M1600 desktop with XP freshly installed ...I have 2 x Sata ports on the M/B and on one is a 320gb partitioned drive with the operating system on the Primary partition...The 2nd Sata port has the DVD Drive in it...
Now I wanted to up my hard drive capacity.. the M/B has a Blue IDE port so I thought I could put 2x Hard drives on a split cable ...I put another 160 GB hard drive on the end of the cable set to master....and a 320gb set first to Slave (later setting to Cable select) ....but I cannot get the computer to see the 320gb drive ...
I wonder if anybody can help me here..

I have also checked the Bios and the IDE slave hard drive does not show up there...but I see it has two IDE ports listed ...I can only see one on the motherboard ..but I do not have the knowledge required and I am wondering if the Bios sees two IDE ports does this mean they exist cause if they do I could try to run each Hard Drive on their own cable ...Thanks HK
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  1. Set the 320 to master and put it on the end farthest from the motherboard. See if the bios sees it then.

    You see more IDE ports probably because your SATA ports are in IDE mode.
  2. Unless there is something wrong with the 320 PATA, this is easy. It was very old school to set drives as master or slave.

    Today every Ribbon cable has one wire at the end that has a whole in it. This means the cable can designate which drive is Master or Salve.

    Set both drives to Cable Select. Then you never have to worry about how your drives are configured during future upgrades or changes.

    If you still can not see the 320 PATA... check your disk management to make sure the drive has been accepted into the system. Run compmgmt.msc as Administrator.

    You should be able to see all the drives connect, but the 320 PATA should clearly not be initialized for the system.

    Right click on the drive and initialize it. The Disk Initialize Wizard may pop up on it's own.

    Do not convert to Dynamic Disk, if you are running Home version you do not have to worry about Dynamic Disk Volumes... but hopefully you didn't purposely install the Home version of anything.
  3. Hi...Just tryed the 320GB set on cable select on a single cable to the IDE port ...No sign of it ?? So I possibly have the worst possible problem...Something has happened to the hard drive (which has years of video clips on it) while shifting it from my old PC to the Acer....I will put it back where it came from and see what happens ..Thanks HK
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    Hopefully after putting the drive back in the original configuration, you can recover your data.

    I would as quickly as possible transfer via your network to the new machine.

    You never said what kind of machine your old 320 PATA came out of...

    If you had put Vista on that machine, then XP would not see the drive. Vista is just all kinds of bad for hardware let alone the planet! ( My opinion )

    Did you see it in the POST or while in CMOS Setup.
  5. Hi It just gets worse ..Who would buy an Acer? this computer has sliding green plastic things that apparantly lock the hard drive in the bay...Well it locks the 320GB in the bay alright in fact I cannot slide the Plastic lock device to release the hard drive and get it out...I would welcome any suggestions ..thanks HK
  6. OK...I finally managed to slide the locking device forward and the drive came out ...Amazing how much force I had to apply ...
    Now I have just put it back in my old PC and no problem shows up with all my files on it so this is above my knowledge .....
    Why does it not show up when installed in the Acer?? previously I installed a 160GB hard drive ..same cable...same port with no problem yet I take it off and put the 320GB drive on and nothing...Thanks
  7. Sorry I am being a nuisance here..I just tested the power supply and its ok...BUT I found this...when I went to Computer Management >Disk Management heres what I see.....
    Disk 0
    Disk 1
    Basic................................(C)............................New Volume (D)
    298.09Gb.............117.19gb NTFS......................180.90GB NTFS

    Disk 1 is my Partitioned Sata Drive /Partitioned/with XP on the C drive.....

    Now I believe Disk 0 is what is being seen on the IDE port with the 320GB IDE connected.....I found a Basic option but it told me files on the drive would be wiped if I carried on so I got out of there fast....So I presume there is an answer here...Thanks HK :bounce:
  8. OK..Seems to me that first its imperative to back up the drive and if thats successful I could try and change the drive to basic as a learning experience ... I have found various directions for changing from dynamic to basic on Google but understanding them is difficult for me ...I do have another Acer SA90 and hopefully can use this to backup and reconfigure the 320gb drive which by the way is not partitioned..HK
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