Upgrade to i5 or i7?

HI guys, so here is my current system:

Intel Q9450 12mb cache 2.66ghz (currently OC to 3.2ghz)
4g Ram corsair

So I have a couple of questions regarding upgrading

1) Is it worth it to upgrade to i7 (cpu + board + ram)?
2) Isit worth it to upgrade to i5 (cpu+board+ram)? Also if i upgraded to i5 system, I still have some extra
cash for another GTX 280 card and I can run it in SLI with my current GTX 280.
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  1. its not worth it to upgrade right now(just my opinion)

    I'd wait another 6mo-1yr
  2. Most games dont show huge performance jumps running in SLI or Cross fire. Depends what you want to use the PC for. Myself I went down the i7 route and couldnt be happier.... thought i5's are jus tas quick in some applications.
  3. Nop.
    If you consider SLI, NEVER go i5, it scales horribly ESPECIALLY on Nvidia GPU's...
    Mainly because of the dual x8, but also because intel has issues with nvidia gpu's...
    Even tho the benchmarks show that on HD 5850, the difference between dual x8 and dual x16 aint THAT much (10fps, but this is wat ppl are craving for to play crysis if you follow...), we don't know with future GPU's, maybe the bottleneck will be bigger. But with nvidia, ur sli will be horrible.
    Go i7.. If you have the money, buy a HD 5850 or HD 5870.. that will make you two fully working computer since your current one is already awesome... You don't even need an upgrade yet..

    Now If your low on money, and you only game on your computer (by only, I mean u dont zip/video encode.) Save LOTS of money by going phenom II 955 with crossfire.
    On gaming, the performance is THE SAME (5~fps difference to i7-92) it even beats i7 on farcry 2 for example. And you will save So much money that you will be able to buy dual HD 5770 (performance of single HD 5870) or dual HD 4890 if dx11 is not interesting for you.. But consider this only if you want dual GPU setup...

    To put it simple
    Dual gpu -> i7 For shure. Phenom II 955 if you are a value buyer since youl get nearly same performances
    Single Gpu-> i5, it's a good value buy if you will never use dual GPU.
  4. Better question is if you do go core i7 then which i7 are you choosing.

    There the X58 lga 1366 socket i7 (920, 940, 950, 965, 975 cpus)
    Then the P55 lga 1156 socket i7 (860 and 870 cpus (this is also the same socket that the core i5 it on)).

    If you choose the Lga 1366 cpus then your fine for dual gpus.
    If you choose the Lga 1156 cpus then you'll face the same problems as the core i5.

    The problem is not the core i5 it self but the Lynnfield pci-e controller.
  5. Well yeah i shouldv been more precise as to socket not cpu.
    But what zipzoomflyhigh said is true, I wonder why ur even upgrading. Your cpu (gaming wise) is the same power as Phenom II 955 or i5. You do NOT need an upgrade.

    If you want to upgrade, your better getting another full computer rather then taking off that gtx 280 from your current PC. And if your upgrading, your better off with the i7/HD5850 or 5870. But once again, I clearly state that you will see HARDLY (there is one.) any difference between phenom II 955 and i7-920 in GAMING. The only noticable difference will be if you Encode/Zip, what gamers never do.

    Don't forget to chek if your MOBO supports dual x16, if not, your upgrade would be getting a new x48 mobo
  6. Ok the reason I have to upgrade because Im selling this Q9450 + ram + board to my friend. And use that money to get a new one otherwise I dont have a computer lol. And if you want to know why Im selling it to a friend when I can still use it instead of upgrading? Because I wanted to help the guy out his laptop is dying and very old. He can't raid or do arena in WoW with it. He really need a new desktop and I just offer him my Q9450+ram+board for cheap then I'll use that money to get a new cpu+ram+board together with my extra cash.

    Yea Im kinda debating between the i7 920 (1366) or i7 860 (1156) . I won't have enough money to get another GTX 280 if i get either i7 so SLI won't be an option, i'll just have to use my current GTX 280. The i7 860 seems cheaper cause the P55 board is cheaper.

    Does the i7 860 support Hyper threading? It does right? If so the only thing im missing is the triple channel memory from the i7 920 (x58). Is triple channel memory really give better performance in games? I use my comp mostly for games. I play WoW everyday and im in a high end guild and raid 4 days / week. I also play L4D and CS source besides that.
  7. I told you man, if you only game as in no video encoding or zipping wich im sure u never do, the CRAZY money you will save going Phenom II 955 will give you the SAME performance (sometimes better like in far cry 2) and you will have extra money to go with a better GPU like the HD 5850. I even say you should sell that GTX 280 and get ANOTHER HD 5850. You will have the most powerfull computer out yet and for a great value.
    But if you appsolutly want to keep your GPU, there is no SLI im AM3 so this rig doesnt count.

    If you SLI, NEVER use LGA 1156. your WAY better with LGA 1366 wich supports dual X16 crossfire performances.

    Now after all I wrote, are you going Phenom II or i7 920? So we can give you good stuff to get for your new build.
  8. Btw, you will save around 250$ going Phenom II just so you know, thats enough for another HD 5850.
  9. I do encode videos using Adobe premiere and Adobe after effects regularly. And I looked at the Phenom II 955 its performance is worst compare to the i7 920. Even the i5 beat the Phenom ii 955 You sure they're have the same performance?

    And also who would buy this GTX 280? Its price is really low right now and I think ppl would rather buy the new ATI 5850 with that money instead of dropping on this GTX 280. Unless you can show me where i can sell this GTX 280

    If i go with the Phenom II 955, which board would you guys recommend? I need Raid 0 for my SATA drives and maybe CrossfireX support?
  10. Well yeah you just said you do video encoding.. your better off with i7, you would win like 30 seconds... something like dat...
    The board for you will be GIGABYTE GA-MA790FXT-UD5P I think... its 196 CAD for now and it supports Dual GPU x16.

    For your card, Selling it at even 100~150 is good enough because you already planned on spending on i7, and you save around 250$ going phenom II 955, thats even getting 150 on your card (im shure ul get way more) is good enough to either go dual HD5850 or HD5770 (out tomorow).

    But yeah if you video encore and don't want to wait your better with i7 and buy another GTX 280. As long as you get LGA 1336 i7 and not the lame LGA 1156 that scales very bad with dual GPU setups (only supports x8)

    It's all up to you... First time I actually meet someone who REALLY do video encoding XD most of the people that ask for i7's here only game and waste money for the braggin rights...
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