Harddisk not showing in "My Computer"???

Hello. I have Western Digital Elements External HDD 1.5TB. I connected the USB cable to laptop and then connect the power cable to HDD. When i stick my ear close to the enclosure i can hear it spinning. When the sounds comes that a certain hardware is connected in Windows. Then the HDD stops spinning. I went to "Disk Management" and can see it there "Disk 2". Screenshot of it is at bottom. When i right click and initialize it, it says "The media is write protected". PLEASE PLEASE someone help me out. I have over 700gb of important info in my hard drive. And in that "Disk Management" it shows there 2048.00Gb whereas mine is only 1.5Tb. I can't see the HDD in "My Computer". Can only see it in "Disk Management". Tried connecting to other computers, but still same problem.

Your peoples help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. Please do help me out. :( :( :(
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  1. Run WD's diagnostic software on the drive.

    Then if the drive status is ok try this: http://findandmount.com/
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