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I would greatly appreciated if someone helped me with this. I just recently reformatted my computer. I saved all the most up to date versions of each drivers to a CD. When I try installing it, it reads that it doesn't recognize the component or find it. The only thing I was successful installing was the graphics card driver. I am not sure what the problem is.

OS = Window Xp professional
Motherboard = abit ip35 pro xe
Ram = 3 gigs
G-card = 8800 gts
Cpu = quad 6700
and i have the most up to date bios.
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  1. What was the procedure to install the drivers from the CD? As far as I know, you can't install drivers in the 'driver.sys' format, you need a 'driver.inf' script, or in 'driver.exe' format or even with a driver backup application but installing them directly from the driver.sys files is not possible.

    Your options now are to use a driver application and with the right settings it may install your backed up drivers but it's more likely it will search in the net, download and install the necessary drivers and do it efficiently. The application in mind is SlimDrivers freeware which I have personally tested and proven as safe.

    Once you have updated all your drivers, my suggestion is to configure the application to stop unauthorized startups, scans, or updates.... or simply uninstall it. this because all driver applications have these features enabled and once you update your drivers, there is no need to keep them turned on.
  2. I wasn't being specific, but it is the mother board's driver. The INTEL Application Accelerator RAID Driver,INTEL Chipset Driver, Intel RAID/AHCI Installation Disk, JMicron RAID/AHCI Installation Disk, JMicron SATA Driver, Realtek Gigabit Lan Driver, and Realtek High Definition Audio Driver. I just burnt them on a cd so I could install all the required drivers for my motherboard after I have reformatted, but it doesnt work. I even tried downloading it from a lap top and using a usb drive. I already know all the required drivers, but they don't work for some reason and i don't know why.

    All the updated motherboard drivers are from the official site :
  3. I understand and it doesn't matter which drivers you're trying to install; if the driver installer
    "reads that it doesn't recognize the component or find it"
    .. It means the installer didn't find the .inf script. It looks for the .inf script to install the .sys drivers. So if you didn't back-up the .inf scripts it will not continue. You may have to download the drivers in .exe installer format or in .sys with .inf script included in a zip folder.
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