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My new rig is up and running, but when i went into bios it's still the old school bios we've had forever, though i know my board supports a gui based click/touch bios. Having never tried updating a bios before and surprisingly google didn't turn up anything to explain it to me, firstly do i/should i update it? and secondly how?
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    This should be your motherboard. You can pull the BIOs update off the Giga-byte website. There is also a software Touch Bios that you can install from the website too. Just go to download > utility for touch bios or bios for your bios update. If you're unsure about what to do, I recommend letting Giga-byte's software do the work for you. Make sure you save your own bios setting first [should be an option for that in the software] Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks wintermint, I'm just not super confident in something I've never done before.

    @anonymous1- Sorry the mobo model was in the title, it's a gigabyte z68x-ud7-b3. I should really update my sig with my rig details.
  3. Yes you can download the Touch Bios from the download section [mentioned that] and have it do the dirty work for you haha.
  4. Your Gigabyte board likely already has the newest BIOS version. The "Touch BIOS" is actually a Windows program that mimics a real UEFI BIOS. They haven't yet transitioned to a GUI-based BIOS, and we don't know when they will.
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