Better performer: Hyper TX3 or GeminII S?

Hello again, TH members! I know I've been frequenting the boards lately, asking a lot of questions about this build I'm trying to get off the ground, but the truth is - I just don't know much about this stuff. So, here I am, back once again with another set of inquiries! :lol:

Anyhow, I'm looking to try unlocking and (mildly) overclocking an Athlon II X3 440 (as my sig suggests), and I'm looking into a cooler that will allow for this and provide the best performance in keeping temps well below just being "okay". I have an mATX case and a limited budget, so my options are even more limited.

I started out with a Hyper 212+; it arrived, and I discovered it wouldn't fit. Now, I've ordered the GeminII S cooler; but I've also come across the Hyper TX3. Now I'm wondering which one out of these two will be the performer for what I'm aiming to do with my processor. Anyone have any idea about the differences between the two? I can find reviews of each; but nothing showing results with my specific CPU, and also nothing that pits the two coolers against one another. Thanks so much yet again in advance! Everyone here has really been such a big help with everything... :)
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    The GenimII S has better airflow and run quieter than the Hyper TX3. The TX3 is only 1/2 of the GenimII S price though after MIR. The difference is 14 dBA, and the airflow is is 69.69 while the Hyper TX3's description says 15.7 - 54.8 CFM
  2. Thanks for your help, wintermint. Looks like I'll be keeping the GeminII S, then. Would even the Hyper TX3 have allowed me to overclock (from 3GHz to maybe 3.4 GHz, or higher if it allowed it) and attempt core unlocking, while still putting up acceptable or even low temps? Or is it best for keeping things at stock speeds?

    Does the GeminII S have a reputation for allowing people to try this with their specific hardware (Athlon II's more specifically, I suppose)?

    Thanks again... :)
  3. You may unlock your core using your motherboard. Some people are able to unlock and overclock fine with stock heatsink. Shouldn't be much to overclock to 3.4 from stock [can't help you here I don't overclock haha] However, there's nothing wrong with investing a little extra money to ensure that your CPU will have a long life.
  4. Thanks!:) You've been a huge help to me once again, wintermint... I really appreciate it!
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    No problem, have fun with your rig :) I hope you made sure your motherboard has that option to unlock cores. Most do and they aren't afraid to advertise it haha. Should either choose yourself or me as best answer so the thread closes :P or wait for MouseMonkey (Mod)
  6. Yep, the ASUS specs page for my mobo proudly (and certainly not subtly) supports their "Core Unlocker" feature. Hopefully, all works out well when I finally pair this CPU with the mobo. And thank you - I will definitely be enjoying this new system far more than I could ever hope to be able to running my old Dell Pentium 4. Many, many thanks again for all your assistance in helping out a rookie :)
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    nWeird... I selected your very first reply as the best answer. -=shrug=- Guess the forum is alive or something and thought the other one should be it :lol:
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