Overclocking MSI GTX560ti Hawk

Hi everyone, I just bought a new system (first one) -
850 corsair modular
Gigabyte z68 issd
120 ocz vertex3 ssd
HAF case (4 fans)
stock cpu cooler
8gb ripjaws

I was just a little concerned about overclocking my GPU, I am using the MSI Afterburner program and have set -
a core clock of 1024 MHz
a memory clock of 2502
and the Core Voltage remains unchanged

I ran MSI Kombuster graphics test to see if it was stable (unsure if it is adequate) and it ran through fine 5 times on extreme mode with a max temp of 71 C

Should I try to push it further or keep it where it is?
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  1. Just raise speed fan at 90 you will be fine :D
  2. This seems VERY VERY high for a 560Ti overclock. Most cards struggle to get 1000MHz core. How long are you running a test for? What are you using to test?

    Running a benchmark for a few mins WILL NOT test overclock stability. You need to run a proper GPU burn-in/stability test for at least 30mins to test it properly. Most people will probably suggest even longer.

    vcore: 1125
    core clock: 1000
    shader: 2100

    is usually very close to the max. I don't understand how your getting temps of 71 with stock voltage. Something doesn't seem right...
  3. I suggest download OCCT (Linky!) and using the GPU test with error checking enabled. That will tell you whether or not your overclock is actually stable. Run the standard hour-long test at your full screen resolution with error checking and logging enabled. It will create a nice pic that logs your GPU temp and frames per second over the test period.
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    i wouldn't push it any further, the numbers you're giving are allready a lot. I have an Gigabyte 560 TI SOC ( factory overclocked to 950 mhz, 1950 memory clock and it's running with a voltage between 1.04 and 1.1 V ) With lower voltages it crashes. First gigabyte had SOC cards up to 1000 mhz but there are reports of a lot of problems with the GPU. ( like "exploding"and all ) They didn't lower the clock speed in the newer cards for nothing i think . . . Anyway, keep an good eye on the temperature, mine doesn't come above 66C but the two fans are working like crazy to keep it that cool.
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