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So...story of my life: :)
I bought a custom made pc last year in December or January...with the intetion to play games till i pass out on the keyboard :D
Long story short,few months after i purchased the pc a strange thing started to occur...while playing games, that demanded heavy load both from cpu and gpu,suddenly the pc restarts/boots only happened when playing newer games like Crysis or GTA IV...
I went to the store from where ived bought my pc since the warranty wasnt expired.The guys from there kept my pc in the "service" for almost 2 months...when they finnaly gave my pc back they said that the gpu needed to be changed because it was overheating...and that they replaced my geforce 280gtx with a 285gtx...when i heard that i forgot that i waited so long for the pc to come from "service" and i didnt asked any more questions of any kind,i just wanted to get the pc out of there and try my new 285gtx :)
First months after i got my pc from "service" everything was fine,every game was runing fine no sudden restart while playing no nothing...Then the problems started again,first my pc was restarting when playing games,like once a week,then more often like 2-3 times a week and now in the present day it is restarting very very often.(only when i play 3d games)
For example when i play Bioshock it is restarting after the first 30 min of play,same when i play The Witcher Enchanted Vers.(i play this games at maxed out details),strange fact is that when i play GTA IV the pc dosent restarts that often,it takes like 1-2 hours of play till the pc restarts.But the strangest fact is that when i play games like codmw2 or pes 2010 the pc dosent restarts at all no matter how many hours i would play those games.
Anyhow i have a guess that this problem is because of my psu wich is a pice of ****...i have this gues because when i turn the gpu fan to 100% no matter what 3d game i play the pc restarts after 2-3 min.
My PC specs :
The cpu is oc'ed @ 3,4GHz by the guys from the pc shop where ived bought it.
*Note: I have stressed the cpu with the prime95 program for more then 6 hours...and no errors.
I did the memtest86 test for ram's and the results where fine,no errors.
Everest screen when pc restarted while playing Bioshock :
As u can see from the everest ss neither my cpu or my gpu overheats...
Oh ived almost frogot the most important PSU is a pile of crap,a WINSIS 400W or 500W i dont really know but iam certain that is not greater than 500W...oh yeah one more thing: astrange noise comes from my psu case,either from the psu fan either from the psu itself i dont know...
One more question :) Are the values for ram's from the first screen shot good?
(5-5-5-18 @ 400MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz) are this values ok?coz my rams are 800MHz not 400MHz or 266...
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  1. Thx for the fast reply the time iam writeing this comment is 7:02 AM and at 9:00 AM "Conrad" will be open...ill be the first there to buy a new power supply. :P
    Thx again for ur reply.
  2. I got the Corsair TX750W...and ived allready mounted it and its up and runing now :D
    I hope the system restarts will be history now with this psu...
    Thx again for ur fast reply.
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