8800 gts sli va single 4890

I tried searching on google on google but nothing came up.could someone help me?
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  1. 8800GTS SLI might have a slight performance gain over the HD 4890...But it also depends on the game you play too...
    A HD 4890 is a better upgrade than the 8800GTS SLI IMO as you would have to deal with a single card, hence SLI problems are out...and would use less power, less heat...
  2. heat or power problems are out of the question(haf 932 with 7 fans!).
  3. Which 8800 GTS are we talking about?

    If it is the 320mb or 640mb then the 4890 is better.

    If it is the 512 then 2 of them will perform better than a 4890, but I wouldn't get them unless you already had the first 8800 GTS, the 4890 is a great card.
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