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Hi all. Can anyone help me? I cant even find the correct catagory but I will say what I need to on here and hope you will all be lenient with me. I am new to computing and have an old e system 105 which needs memory upgrade I think. It goes slow or crashes mainly when I'm on sites with flash adverts I think. The bubble pops up to tell me my virtual memory is low at times as well which leads me to believe that I should put another memory stick in( not sure). If you can help, I will be grateful and I will leave my computer details underneath so you may peruse and tell me wether I am right or wrong to get more memory( the more the merrier is what I have been told). Please forgive my ognorance if I am in the wrong but please help me resolve my issues. Many thanks

Compatible memory required for : Model Name: AWRDACPI |
Motherboard Model: P4M800P7MB | Maximum Memory: 1 GB |
Total Slots: 2 (Currently Memory in 1 Slots) |
Memory Size: 256 MB,
| Memory Speeds: MHz, |
Processor Speed: 2656 |
Manufacturer: P4M80P

manufacturer p4m80p
model awrdacp1
type x86-basedpc

model p4m800p7mb
manufacturer pheonix technologies ltd
version 6.00 pg


manufacturer genuineintel
speed 2656
fsb 133

Installed ram 225.28
maximum ram 1 gb
no of slots 2 ( currently 1 slot)
256 mb installed already
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  1. It appears you only have 256 Mb of RAM installed....not sure where the 225.28 you have listed under 'Installed ram" came from though....not sure what O/S you are running but in general, 256 Mb is inadequate, you should, at the very least double it.

    Also, "Virtual Memory" is the term used by Windows to describe the hard disk space you have allocated as a page file (hard disk space used by windows as if it were RAM). So while yes, you are quite low on RAM, those messages may be an indication of declining disk space/file fragmentation/hard drive performance. Perhaps checking your swap file settings and ensuring you have adequate free disk space available and running some defrags will alleviate some of your problems as well.
  2. Thanks for that but over the past week I have defragged twice and having looked at my hard drive, I noticed it was quite empty. If these are not the problem or part of it then maybe I just need lots more memory. I had a pc and computer bits sales site scan my computer to see what they could find in order that they may recommend any upgrades and all the information that I put on my post is what their scan came up with,therefore thats where the 225.28 came from. I',m none the wiser for that lol. I am running windows xp. Maybe I should allocate more of my hard drive to my virtial memory and this may resolve the problem for now. I will try that and let you know how I get on. Thanks for your post and your help
  3. no problem, search the forums for virtual memory or swap disk for recommendations on amount of disk space to allocate.

    The main issue you would have with upgrading your memory is you only have two slots, one of which is occupied with a measly (no offense) 256 Mb module.

    You could get a matching set of 512Mb modules for pretty cheap, giving you 1 Gb of memory, an ideal amount for XP.......IMO

    just noticed your board maxes out at 1Gb RAM so thats your max.
  4. If my board maxes out at 1 gb, Is there no way I can add more then? I take it ,to do that I would need a new motherboard. I also am supposing that I cannot add external memory as it would still max out at 1 gb. I think its time I save up for a newer and better computer to resolve my problems. I just change the settings to 500 min 500 max and that has made no difference either. The computer seems healthy enough but obviously not good enough for what I need. Many thanks again
  5. no, you cannot add more but 1 GB is 4 times what you have now and 256 is inadequate.

    for maybe $40-$50 (maybe less) you could get a matching set of 512 modules optimized for your system that would or should render a dramatic increase in performance....of course you would have to ditch the 256 module but no big loss.

    If a new system is what you want, go for it. I am just saying though.....$40 or so would make a tremendous difference.
  6. I will give it a go buddy. Sounds like good advice. May save me a few quid so no harm. Many thanks again. When I do so I will let you know how I got on. Take care and cheers
  7. glad to help i shall raise a glass this evening and return your "cheers" in the fashion with which it deserves ;-)
  8. Ah well..... I went to my local computer store and got me a 1gb piece of memory which was the correct one and lo and behold my computer freeked when I put it in. Must need less than a gig. Maybe its maxing out. I dunno. Ill go get less tomorrow and see if that works lol.
  9. hmmm, yeah, according to your motherboard model number, it is a Foxconn?

    The Foxconn website is quite unimpressive with a compatibility matrix that doesn't work so trying to refer to the manufacturer is a waste.

    What I have found indicates that you can actually put a 1GB module in each slot for a total of 2 GB

    Assuming the module you got was compatible with your board, I am unsure why it would have freaked out....and not really sure what you mean by freaked out but if it's locking up and beeping you may need to clear the CMOS or load the BIOS defaults....
  10. Yea buddy thats what its doing, Long beeps... Problem is tho!! When I tool out the 1 gb memory stick after it started beeping)bearing in mind that its brand new) the memory stick was red hot. This tells me that there is a massive conflict or so I would imagine. I was lucky I never laft it in too long or it may have melted and I would be £30 down. Not sure what that is in dollars but I would imagine about 60. A dear loss whatever. Anyway I am back to my wee small256 and scared to do anything in case I mess up the comp. lol... Bloody amatures eh,, Cheers my friend. One of these days I will understand what you mean by clearing the bios or load the bios defaults. Please feel free to educate me.
  11. well really I can't explain that sort of stuff any better that it has already been gone over in detail here at THG....check the sticky's in the various forums as they are chock full of good stuff.

    I would recommend you start by carefully going over this thread

    Having a copy of your motherboard manual will be a tremendous help as well as it will describe in detail, procedures the THG guides can only describe in general terms as they must apply to all systems, not your specific motherboard.

    The problem you might have if you clear your BIOS is then you then have to reset all the parameters and unless you either know what you are doing or go through beforehand and note each and every item and it's current setting.

    Note: I actually use my digital camera to snap pics of the indivual BIOS config screens so I can always refer to those if I forget what I had something set at.
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