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just wondering if anyone has any experience with fitting the Corsair Hydro H100 to the top of a Fractal Design Define R3 case. I would really like to install the radiator to the top of my case but not sure if it will fit.

The corsair website states that it fits any case with a 15mm spacing between the fans, the space on top of the case looks a lot more than that. Also any information on fitting inside would be appreciated.

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  1. I'm going to move this to the Water Cooling forum...we can help you out over there.
  2. Thanks,

    if anyone has attempted this, please let me know how it went. :)
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  4. looking at the pictures of the case, it doesn't look like there is enough clearance up top to mount any type of radiator. There seems to be just enough room for a fan (25mm between the case and top of the motherboard).
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