Fragmentation-Resistant HDDs?

PC Specs:
Intel Core i-7 860 @3.8Ghz / ASUS P7P55D Motherboard / 8GB PC-1600 DDR3 Corsair Dominator RAM / ATI Radeon HD5870 / OCZ Vertex 2 SSD (System, Swap)/ WD Caviar Black 1.0TB (Backup) / Samsung Spinpoint F4 320GB x3 (Raid-0).

Hey folks, I am having an issue that dumbfounds me. I am running a Raid-0 setup with 3 Samsung F4 320GB HDDs using, I believe, a 16kb cluster size. Total size after the Raid creation was roughly 900GB. It is currently at about 50% capacity.

The drive is used solely as my programs, pictures, music drive. My system drive is the OCZ Vertex 2. I have had this setup since January and have installed, uninstalled, re-installed many programs (mostly games, demos, etc.) since. I also am constantly adding new music, mods, texture packs and photos to the drive.

Now the weirdness: Again, this has been my setup for months but for whatever reason when I try to defrag (twice per month), Windows tells me that it is 0% fragmented. Impossible, I know!! 4 months of heavy usage on a Raid-0 setup with 3 drives and 0% fragmentation??!! I have verified that the drives are NOT on a defrag schedule already and I know my wife doesn't defrag since that has nothing to do with Facebook. :lol:

Any suggestions/ideas folks ? Anything would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. RAID or no RAID has nothing whatsoever to do with fragmentation. The RAID system presents the virtual volume with a capacity of "X" sectors, and Windows' NTFS file system then allocates that space to files. The space allocation algorithm has no knowledge of the type of drive and it will use the same strategy on an "X"-sector drive no matter what it is.

    The OS drive tends to get a lot more fragmented than a data drive, so "0% fragmentation" doesn't seem unreasonable to me. Data drives tend to have more file additions than deletions, and it's deletion and reallocation of the freed space that's the biggest contributor to fragmentation. Uninstalling and reinstalling games would have no effect on the data drive unless you specifically directed the programs to be installed on it instead of the system drive.
  2. awesome! Thanks sminlal.
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