Why isn't my Hard drive booting up?

Hi, I have a problem with my new western digital 80GB IDE hard drive that I bought from someone locally, it is a used product and he formated it before I installed Windows XP SP3. This hard drive works perfectly fine on my HP(a1123c) desktop but when I plugged it into my "Alienware" desktop(call it that because of the case and it's the first thing that appears on the screen), it doesn't even boot up to the Windows XP loading screen, instead it goes to a screen where it says: "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER". This HDD and my graphics card are the only things hooked up. Also on the down side I'm not really sure how to access my bios system, last time I did I pressed almost every single button. I would greatly appreciate help with this as I have been working on this "Alienware" desktop for about one month now, just trying to get it to work.

add-on: so i accessed my bios using either one of the three buttons "F2", "F12" or "Delete". Just to add some information, my first boot device is HDD-0, second HDD-1, third disabled.
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  1. Since it is IDE, please make sure the jumper is set correctly

    Master (farthest plug on the cable)
    Slave (middle)
    CS Should auto select, but does not always work.

    On some drives taking off the jumper makes it work(OLD WDC).

    On top of boot priority, there is normally an option called disk priority, not normally needed unless you have more then one drive, but may be worth a look.

    Even if you get it detected, you will have to install windows on that system. Windows XP does not like being sent from system to system like that.
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