Asus PTGD1-LA Motherboard Goldfish2-GL8E

I have the above mentioned MB in my HPa820n pc. I want to upgrade the processor- Pentium 4 540 (P) HT 3.2 GHz- the manufacture doesn't list compatible upgrades. Any ideas if I can move to a Core2?
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  1. Check ebay for the "boston" hp model 7525 made for hp by msi. It has a g31 chipset with 2 ram slots. It will work with many core2 duos and probably some quads. It sells for around $60 used and will definately fit your case. The backplate you may to improvise or order from hp's website.
  2. Thanks for your reply.
  3. this above mobo will only work with p4 prescott core socket 775 ht cpus...up to 3.4ghz!
    The highest spec one you can get is the pentium D 650 with 2 megs of cache!

    Good luck
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