Best SSD for $140?

What is the best SSD for $140?
I only have a Sata 3gbs mobo but i am planning on getting a 6gs this summer so the SATA III is an open option.
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  1. Which capacity - 60 GB or 80 GB?
  2. IMO, this is the best drive for under the $150 range and will transfer over to a SATA III board.

    Crucial RealSSD C300 64GB
  3. I'm thinking the 64GB ones are right around my price range.Has to be under $140.

    That Crucial 64GB SATA III is what i've been looking at but i've seen other SSD's with way better write speed.
  4. ^5 +1 what tecmo34

    The Crucial C300 SATA III (6 Gb/s) 64GB is probably going to be your best value for the money. At 64Gb there isn't very much capacity for extra stuff. If you are just going to install your operating system, then write speed will not matter that much.
  5. Not very many options yet for the SATA III SSD's.
  6. I just took a look over at The Crucial C300 seems to be your only choice. Plextor and Corsair are over your budget.
  7. I ended up buying this OCZ Vertex 2 60 SATA II.
    It's got a bigger deal going on now making it cheaper than the other one and i figured i won't have that new mobo for a couple months so i might as well this SSD instead.It's faster in every way for a SATA II connection.

    Thanks for your help guys.
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