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I recently purchased an ASUS P7P55D Pro motherboard, Intel i5 750 processor, and 4 GB of Corsair XMS3 1600 RAM. The gear is still in the mail, so here's me concern:

I know that Windows XP Pro 32bit (my current OS) has a physical memory limit of 4GB. I've heard rumors that using all 4 will actually make the system run slower since other devices also occupy memory addresses. If this is true, I'm prepared to run 2GB until I can upgrade to a 64 bit OS, but I just wanted some feedback so I can know what I might expect. I've heard different opinions on this, but none of it quite adds up yet.

Other hardware:
GPU: eVGA GTX260 Core 216
PSU: Antec Earthwatts 650
Sound: Soundblaster Audigy

One other quick question. Since this is a fairly snazzy Mobo (for me it is), do I even need the sound card? I was thinking the on-board sound might be sufficient, and just forgetting about the sound card.

Thank you in advance!!
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    I run 4 gigs of pc6400 with xp pro, which recognizes about 3 gb. Nothing slow about my system.
  2. Do you think I'd notice a difference running only two? Also, just to make sure, you are using 32 bit XP, correct?

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