How does data flow from a NIC to HDD?

Hello I had a quick question for whoever is knowledgeable on this stuff...
I'm trying to find out how data flows from the NIC card to the Hard Disk Drive.
From what I can tell, this would be the path but please correct me if I'm wrong... Brief explanations are very welcomed :)

NIC > SouthBridge > NorthBridge > RAM > Northbridge > CPU > Northbridge > RAM > Northbridge > SouthBridge > Hard Drive

Thanks very much!
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  1. I'm assuming it's something like this:

    NIC > Southbridge > Northbridge > RAM > Northbridge > Southbridge > Hard Disk

    The southbridge controls the "slower" stuff on the mobo, like the drive controllers, while the northbridge takes care of "faster" stuff like the RAM. IIRC, modern OS and hardware design no longer requires the CPU to directly control the process.
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