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Here are the ATI recommended power supply requirements for the new ATI Radeon HD 5770 and 5750 video cards that just became available:

450 Watt or greater power supply with one 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connector recommended

600 Watt and two 75 watt 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode

Technical reviews:,2446.html

Power consumption, temperature, and noise levels are very encouraging. :D
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  1. I m not much impressed with these cards.
    There is no point if upgrade for those who already have a 4870/4890/GTS 250/GTX 260.
  2. Shubham1401 - The 5770 and 5750 were not meant to be an upgrade for any of the cards you mentioned. That was made clear in the technical reviews. The cards were meant for mid-level use much like the 4770 introduced earlier this year. Hardcore gamers who want high end cards will have to wait a little longer.
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    5770 is a huge disappointment in my eyes. What a waste of money

    Why??? This is a MID RANGE card that near enough matched the spec of last generations top dog - what's not to like...

    It's direct competetor from Nvidia could be considered the GT250, and it's pissin all over that!
  4. Will a Corsair CX400 handle 5770?
    I know they recommend a 450w But CX400 is a very good PSU...
  5. shubham - I have not seen the current (amps) requirement for the 12 volt rail(s) yet so I don't know.
  6. shubham1401 said:
    Will a Corsair CX400 handle 5770?
    I know they recommend a 450w But CX400 is a very good PSU...

    yes - as long as your CPU is under 150W ish
  7. I have an intel dg33fb mobo,c2d e4500@2.2 ghz,1ata hd,1sata hd,2gb ddr2 @667 mhz and want to buy 5750 or 5770.will corsair 400cx b enough for the specs
  8. One question will the The modstream OCS 600W modular support 2 5770s ?
  9. The OCZ ModXtream 600 watt power supply is an average psu. It probably would support a pc system with two 5770's but I would not guarantee it.
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