Original Bios for HP-Pavilion s3600f

I am looking for the original bios to put back onto an HP-Pavilion s3600f.

biosagentplus says that it is a foxconn motherboard, with VIA 82c3044 rev 192 Chipset.

I updated to version 5.23, and it killed the DVD drive. I can plug in a USB and boot from it, so if I can get the bios update onto a USB key, that would be great. Any help would be greatly appreciated. HP only has the 5.23 on the website, and after a two hour phone call, they told me they did not have the original Bios. I think they are correct, because I cannot find it anywhere on their website.

I believe the original version was 5.1X, don't remember the exact number.
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  1. I would look for your original board on ebay or craigslist. Hp probably won't have any bios chips to sell.
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