Asus P7P55D Pro - Blank screen, no bios, or windows.

A couple of days ago I completed my first build with hardly a hitch. Set some mild overclocks and installed Windows 7. Two days later I restarted my system and nothing comes up. The onboard red LEDs go through their rotation, diagnosing each of my parts as being functional. After that, the only light on is the green standby for power but nothing else.

the bios doesn't appear and neither does windows. Nothing.

I know it isn't a connection problem with my monitor.

If it's the case that, when nothing is red, all parts are in functioning form, then that isn't the problem either.

Note: I don't have an onboard case speaker thanks to the incompetent Antec 900, so helpful error messages are lost to me.

My gut feeling is that my devices aren't booting in proper order, in which case it'd be great to know how to reset the mobo.
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  1. Most motherboards can be reset to the default seeting by:
    1. Moving the CMOS jumper settings (usually from pins 1 & 2 to 2 & 3 (check your user manual); or
    2. Unplug power cable and remove the MB battery for a few minutes.
  2. I tried both. No dice.
  3. Turns out that my monitor suddenly decided to refuse DVI. VGA adapter installed, no problems -- none other than Windows having a fit over how many cold shut downs I gave it.
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