2TB Internal Advice?

Hey guys,
I'm planning on getting a 2TB hard drive as my 1TB is slowly filling up. I will primarily be using the 1TB for running applications and the 2TB for the storage of photos, movies and media in general.
On MSY, there are two brands of hard drives I am considering -

WD Green 2TB - they don't say the specific model, but there are only two models that are 2TB:
The only difference being the Cache (32mb and 64mb).
Does it really matter which one is listed on MSY as I'm using this for secondary storage?

The other brand is Samsung - and just like WD, they also have two different models for 2TB.
To me though, there seems to be no difference?

Both of these brand's hard drive's are both very similar priced ($2 off), any advice on which one I should be going for?
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  1. Have had the Samsung F1 1TB drive for ages - never missed a beat.
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