Computer freezes during gaming, please help!!

My desktop freezes sometimes during gaming, it becomes unresponsive to anything so I have to HARD boot the computer and then it returns well, the freezes seem to be random (no obvious precipitating factor), and the temperatures don't go beyond 75C, my CPU is E7400 and GPU is 9800 GT.
Please help me to identify the problem and solve it, what are the possible causes?
Thank you
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  1. 75C for the CPU is way too much, it shouldn't go over 60. If you Overclocked then return it to stock speeds immediately, if it is at stock speeds, clean out the case, could be a dust issue. If it still continues to overheat, get a good HSF.
  2. Sorry if I did not make it clear, but the GPU is the one which goes up to 75C, the CPU does not exceede 65C
  3. Random reboots are most generally caused by:

    1. Bad or to small of power supplies
    2. Bad or incompatible drivers
    3. Bad overclocks

    What's your PSU? And, of course, make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.
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