No stystem restore, no disc drive...copy/paste/drag/drop or audio! winxp please

I run WinXp on a Gateway laptop which has no disk drive. I do not have a copy of the installation disk.

My computer was running way way too slow as I use it for work running my own business. I have a few tasks each day but these were turning into entire day ordeals.

I downloaded Advanced System Care 5 (I used 3 + 4 previously without a problem) I also always run Avast and I trust it enough that I do not believe I had a virus.

I ran Deep Care on ASC.

I noticed a few services I know I did not need running. To be sure I googled "which window xp services can I turn off"

I clicked the first hit:

I followed these suggestions all the way.

Stupidly I stopped Remote services... and cannot start them again! or dependencies

now the start up takes longer and...
Immediately I noticed I was unable to view the toolbar/taskbar or restore it.

So I went to go see what files ASC deleted. It tells me it cannot access system restore

I find services to see if something was wrong there.

I am now unable to access the properties of any services.

I tried to use the reg to change them back to their default start values but they went back after reboot.

I still cannot use system restore and was unable to run my antivirus at all since.

Also I cannot copy/paste/drag/drop/move/or hear any audio besides that dear little error beep.

this is day 2 of no work for me because of this problem. going on 3. please help!
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  1. You need to re-install Windows. Either buy a new OS or contact Gateway to get the restore disks for your model.

    Good idea to buy a second hard drive, install Windows on that, and keep your current drive as is so you can copy your files over.
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