Nvidia 9800 GT PE overclocking

I'm wondering how far can you push a performance edition video card that is set to not drain power. This card does not require an addition power source other than the pcie slot.

I have it overclocked from the stock core 550mhz to 586mhz, shader to 1475mhz and memory clock to 905mhz. The card never rises above 63c under full load and pushes like a champ. I have 7 fans in the gaming case giving the whole system complete cooling as it's avg inside temp is 33c.

If I push the clock to 600mhz or higher, what could happen long term, or would I run into problems with the card not having enough power?
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  1. yes it will encourage more VGA to work hard without the driving or raise voltage, it will over time and get Artifax. and if it is so difficult to be improved and fix, just a suggestion
  2. So after a certain point I should just stop? Its clocked from 550 to 596mhz and I still cant find a game to dog it out. My MB and 3.1ghz quad core seem to help I guess.
  3. yep .. ran benckmark 3Dmark06/ Passmark with increase speed fan vga at 80%you will be fine
  4. My thing is, the volt never rises above 1.000v and its not unlocked so I can boost it, obviously because its an energy efficient model. I'd rather know some more info on these types as to prevent damage from mine. Even tho its not top of the line, I truly can not bog it down. Crysis 2, bioshock 2, red faction arma, flatout 2, cross fire, need for speed hot pur 2010, call of duty black ops, battlefield 2 all run without a single spot of lag on max settings.
  5. I have a AMD Phenom II X4 920 at 3.1ghz and 2gb of ram, all tho I need more ram, the 1gb of ram on the video card takes the load before my mobo ram ever does and I never run out. Card is clocked now at 594mhz core. But it seems after a certain point, the higher clock doesnt improve fps at all. The MSI Kombuster stays at 134 fps avg open gl 3.3 and wont rise above 70c ran for 5 min
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