The pc will boot if the vga fan fail?

well i was wondering this 'cause when i turn on the pc it doesn't boot well, it seem it boots also i listen the windows welcome sound!!! but i have no image!!!
that happens a lot, well it happens randomly not always but is very annoying this i think is my vga card because when i play 3d games the pc freeze and i have no image, well obviously i have a problem with my vga fan 'caause it does not cool very well and i have that problems.
is the fan causing me all this problem, well 1st for the no image boot?
please help me:
amd athlon 64x2 6400+
4gb ram ddr2-800
200gb western digital sata
MoBo: abit kn9sli
vga: ati radeon x800xl

well afterall i plan to replace the card for a new one but i want to save this if i can. help!
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  1. Don’t forget that it could well be a faulty monitor; the display intermittently starting up often is as the florescent tubes used for the back lighting not starting up. If there is no display when the computer is cold then it is unlikely to be anything to do with the fan.
  2. well i dont think so buddy i have a last generation lcd monitor but damn it cointinue happening
    however if you have another advise is welcome.
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