DDR3 1600 RAM for P6X58D...

I am trying to get some Ram preferably mushkin for my p6x58d motherboard. I tried looking at the compatibility chart but the some of the ram listed seems to be non existent. I was thinking of getting one of these three




They are all under 180 bucks on other sites and 180 is as high as ill go.

however according to the chart these aren't listed and might not work.

Is there anything similar?
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  1. ^ Any RAM operating at 1.65V or less is technically compatible with any x58 mobos...
    Only in some rare cases, there would be some incompatiblities...
    So it would be better if you would just mail the customer care and get it clarified...you can also check in the ASUS/ Mushkin forums to get more info...

    As for the kits, the 1st and the 2nd kit are good...the 3rd one has loose timings...
  2. I'm not so sure. None of these are on ASUS's QVL (qualified vendor list) for DDR3 1600. Only 2 Mushkin numbers are on it -- one is an XMP DIMM, which can only have one in each channel, and the other comes in a set of 2.

    I"m building on the same motherboard next week. I bought a set of OCZ OCZ3G1600LV6GK from New Egg for $149. They are on the QVL, so I have some assurance they will work as I expect.
  3. yeah I bought a set of Wintec's for the same board but I haven't received them yet... they were really cheap and got pretty good reviews... I've actually used Wintec in another build and they worked flawlessly so when I saw 6gb of 1600 CL8 for $135 I couldn't resist... unfort the item was deactivated the next day so they must not have had much stock left.
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