Help - Can't get my GTX295 to work correctly

Hi I recently bought a new computer and buildt it with theese specs:
Corei7 920
Asus GTX295
Asus P6T deluxe v2
2x2gb OZC pc 16000 ram
Corsair tx850w
Samsung syncmaster t220

i run on vista x64

My problems is that when i open a game like left4dead i expected that default settings would be maxed out, but its far from it...everything is at the highest setting but the shaderdetails is on low and no AA, and resolution to 640x480

Also i found out that my screen doesnt work right, it wont go any higher that 1280x1024 which is a know problem to this screen.

I tried to boot up crysis warhead and the suggested settings was GAMER, and no AA - what is wrong here i tried to put everything to enthusiast and no AA and it ran ok but it was a little smeard out and unsharp(maybe it was due to the screen)?? windows sais that the unit is working correctly but windows failed to load some related drivers - i have the newest nvidia drivers.

Does anyone know what is wrong here is it some kind of hardware failure, please help
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  1. Download Ntune and verify your settings :

    You have to change the resolution and values in Ntune to get the card to run the game w/o those issues....

    Your Asus 295 should have came with a similar software.....
  2. so if i install this i'll be able to run all the games as they should with a gtx295...?So theres no hardware failure?
  3. First you have to check your settings and make sure all the values are correct. Then you can go from there....
  4. Ok, when i play left4dead when all is maxed out, after some time it just freezes or shuts the game down ?? :S

    i think my gtx295 has a card failure, but the green light is still on...
  5. Its not the card... You just can't install a video card, reboot and expect it to work...You have to change your resolution, hertz, v-sync, anostropic filtering, xAA and many more options before you can get the card to work....
  6. It is a complete new system that was never booted before so it should work without this program. Also it doesnt help, it can only play left4dead about 10 min, and then it frezes or goes to windows menu

  7. From 07/02/2009 you have post 1250 posts, 41posts per day
    Why you spend all your time in the forum?
  8. successful_troll said:
    From 07/02/2009 you have post 1250 posts, 41posts per day
    Why you spend all your time in the forum?

    I spend about 4-5 hours a day on Toms, reading, helping, learning....etc..... [:jaydeejohn:5]
  9. isn't there anyone who can help : / ??
  10. Did you check your settings like I suggested?
  11. Ye, the problem is that it freezes everytime i play i game, i was looking at the nzone and it looks like the new 190 drivers has some problems with the 8 and 9 cards... i hope that its driver releated rather than hardware....

    but i not sure it will explain why rec specs is set so low (shaderdetails and resulution)
  12. i contacted asus and they said based on my problem discription it sounded to be a DOA card, and i should contact my retailer for a replacement, the problem is that my retailer never gives new items, they allways take stuff like that in for repair for 4-6 weeks and w hen it gets back no change baah :/
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