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Our house had a powersurge/outage issues but I am behind a surge protector but not UPS. My computer will start, give me 1 post beep and restart right before windows loads. I get video, i can access the bios but cannot boot from my hdd, or cd rom. I have tried a new PSU, and memory.

I have not tried a bench build but I am out of ideas up to this point. I fear that it is my motherboard.
Any suggestions would be great.

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  1. Why cant you boot from CD rom or HDD? Are they not options or does it fail?
  2. It restarts right before any sort of boot option can take place. If i let it boot from my windows drive it will restart, so i tried setting it to boot from cd rom and it still restarts with a windows cd in.
  3. try swapping out the cd drive and see if you can boot off of a cd with that drive. If not then it likely is your motherboard. Are both drives SATA?
  4. The cd rom is 100% working, and yes both drives are sata.
  5. Unplug the HDD and see if it will boot from CD, if the bios is set to boot HDD 1st and your HDD is dead you will get the symptoms you describe.
  6. You have of course tried resetting the Cmos Ram haven’t you? This is the first thing I would have done.
  7. I have not tried to reset the cmos, ill give it a go and let yall know.
  8. could also be your installation of windows is now messed up too.
  9. Resetting the CMOS did not work. If it is my windows installation and i cant boot from cd how would i resolve that? I have also tried booting with both HDD undone and then 1 at a time, it still reboots.
  10. Well, I really tend to believe it is really your motherboard...

    When my old A7 platform from Asus died, the motherboard was unable to recognize my hard drive. I didn`t try to boot from my windows cd still.

    Most of my problems were usually about motherboard, so it would not surprise me at all.
  11. Yea, I'm starting to believe thats what the problem is. I really just hate to order a new motherboard without upgrading completely. Thanks for all the help, if anyone else has ideas that would be great.
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