Hard drive not detected in device manager!

i hav a seagate barracuda 500 gb hard drive.It is visible in bios and all partitions are also visible in my computer......the problem is that it is not visible in device manager and disk management!! It all started when i connected my 10 year old 40 gb hard drive to my computer,after some time i removed it and now my current 500 gb hd is not visible!! i have 2 windows 7 installed on my computer in dual boot and both the windows are not showing that drive in device manager or disk management. I need to partition the hard drive to install linux. Please help!!!
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    One thing that could cause these symptoms is the TDSS rootkit. You can follow the instructions behind this link to check if your system is infected:
  2. that worked!!! thanks man!!
  3. No problem. Some time ago, my own PC was infested with this rootkit and it took me WEEKS to find out what was causing the strange symptoms. So I'm trying to make sure others don't have to go through all that.
  4. drevin said:
    One thing that could cause these symptoms is the TDSS rootkit. You can follow the instructions behind this link to check if your system is infected:

    Thanks Man it worked like a charm. :hello: :bounce:
  5. My sister seems to have a similar problem only the drive doesnt seem to work at all. It doesnt spin, doesnt do anything. When starting up her own computer she just gets a black screen with the blinking "underscore." You can't do anything here so i tried to hook her HDD up to my alternate computer with a docking station and everything fails; can't find the drive and it doesnt make any noise. So if i wanted to scan the drive i couldn't even do it. Is the logic board fried? and if so, if i replace it will it just burn out right away? that is before i am able to scan and get rid of this "virus" or do i even have this virus. i don't even know anymore. My sister is notorious for downloading some nasty virus' and i can't trust her when she says "my computer just randomly started making lots of noise and then stopped working." I ofc ask her if she downloaded anything and the answer was no >.> So... anyone that can help me out, thanks a lot.

    the reason i'm posting here is because if there is any way i can simply get my computer to recognize and "see" the drive then i might be able to actually figure out whats wrong and hopefully fix it. My first thought was it was a hardware issue but it's only about 3 years old and that just seems too early... now that i read this it makes me think that there is a virus on it. maybe not the same one but either way... ugh! so what i need to know is, is it hardware or virus (or combo), and is there any way i can fix it?

    edit: i also want to find out if theres anything wrong with the motherboard on her computer. i'm a newb but you can't run a computer w/o a hard drive right? and if i have to would it be safe for me to test my hard drive in her computer?
  6. bump! plz help
  7. if the hdd aint spinning then its most probably dead,u gotta buy a new one.and u should remove ur own hdd before putting ur sis's hdd in ur comp for testing,as it may have a virus which may cause ur hdd also to crash.
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  9. guess i jus gotta give my sis the bad news, but thanks for ur guys help
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