Fairly Simple Question About Windows 7 and 2 hard drives

I currently have a dual boot of Windows Vista Ultimate on one hard drive and Windows 7 RC1 on the other and was planning on

upgrading to Windows 7 ultimate. I have could either upgrade my Vista hard drive which would be easy or I could upgrade the

release candidate Windows 7 which is a fresh install on a new drive. Which should I put Windows 7 on?
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  1. Either upgrade Vista (if you are going from 32 bit to 32 bit version or 64 to 64 bit) or do a clean install of Windows 7.
    If going from 32 bit to 64 bit a clean install will be required in any case.
    Windows 7 RC1 is not a valid upgrade path and not recommended or supported by Microsoft.
  2. Its almost always best to do a clean install.
    I know its more of a pain in the ass, but theres allot of free software that can bundle your programs together to make the re-installation easier. Just google them, or perhaps search download.com for them.
  3. I cannot stress enough the value of a clean install. Unless you have a specific reason for going the upgrade route, don't.
  4. @gamecrazychris:

    Jonmor68 is absolutely correct. If you still need help with Windows 7, feel free to ask us questions on Twitter @MSSpringboard (the official Windows IT Pro feed).

    Hope you got your PC to work perfectly!

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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