Q6600 prime95 test has 70 deg C. temps

its an intel Q6600 CPU

i thought id try overclocking it, its usually at about 2.4ghz and i upped it to 3.15

i downloaded Prime95 to check it and 1 of the cores didnt pass the small FFT (got a rounding error) so i upped the cpu voltage a smidgen, like 1.3-1.4 (test ran stable)

i then downloaded real temp to see how hot it was, they were averaging about 75 degrees celsius. It idles around 50 degrees C.

is this ok?
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  1. wow , it' s good although slightly higher than the specified 70C but still ok, i suggest use after market cooler for next time. and add fan for exhaut + intake case for help air flow. :)
  2. it does, a xigmatek hdt-s1283, with a fan on it, along with 2 intake fans and 2 exhaust fans. i thought the temps seemed a little high when i first installed it (couple years ago now) so i actually removed the heatsink, cleaned the surface and re-applied the thermal paste i dont remember what the temps were but dont think they were this high
  3. Yeah thermal paste too thick caused heat can't absorbed by the heatsink properly, try disabled smart fan cpu in bios, your fan will ran full speed
  4. Or try push pull like this :
  5. very nice, clever use of zip ties
  6. 70 C is pretty hot for just 3.15 GHz unless that was with the stock cooler. Or it is summertime in a room without A/C.

    My Q6600 was running at about 60 C at 3.3 GHz with the rather mediocre Arctic Cooling F7P. At 3.6 GHz, load temps were 61 - 66 C with a TRUE.
  7. well it is summertime with no AC but still would have thought the xigmatek hdt could do more for cooling
  8. Coolers aren't magic.

    In my case, my computers are in an air conditioned environment. If the ambient air temp is, say, 20 C, my OC'd Q6600 under load runs 61 - 66 C. That's about 45 C over ambient. If the A/C dies and my room temp rises 15 C, so will my load temps.
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