Computer not POSTing. Internal speaker makes 'clicking' noise

Computer not POSTing. Internal speaker makes 'clicking' noise
Hey everyone, thanks for reading.

After switching to a new power supply, the motherboard no longer POSTs and when turned on the internal speaker makes a continous 'clicking' sound, not a beep. its a very very short quiet click.

I was switching a power supply on a friends computer as he was upgrading his graphics card, and so also updated his power supply.

His system was a pentium 4. and the motherboard is a Gigabyte GA 8I915P-G.
The new power supply is 480w.

I did nothing but switch the power supplies. The only thing I suspect that caused this is the original power supply only had a 20pin ATX power connector onto the motherboard. Whereas the new PSU had 20pin + 4pin 12v ATX. Without thinking, I put in the 20pin and also the 4pin.

After I switched it on and it didnt post. I looked at the voltages of the new power supply, and the sticker I took of the 4pin female slot on the motherboard. The sticker said 2.2v 4pin, And the PSU said 12v 4pin. So i'm suspecting I may have fried it.

Does this make sense? Have I fried my friends mobo?

Thanks for your time, I hope you can help.
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  1. Bumping out of desperation
  2. Are you talking about the separate 4 pin connection for CPU power? If so, it's a 12 volt connection. What are the old and new PSU's? What motherboard?

    And now ...
    You replaced the the old PSU with a new one, yes?
    And the system didn't work.

    Did you try replacing the old PSU?

    A basic rule of troubleshooting:
    If you are working on a formerly working system, and something goes wrong,

    Stop. Put down the shovel and back away from the hole.

    In other words, back up to the last working point. Did you reinstall the original PSU?

    Does the system work with the original PSU?

    Another good rule (while we are talking about rules):
    When you are upgrading, upgrade and test one component at a time.
  3. Quote:
    Stop. Put down the shovel and back away from the hole.

    :pt1cable: :lol: :pt1cable: :lol: :pt1cable: :lol:
  4. Hey thanks for the reply.

    Yes I have put the system back exactly how it was, and it still does not work.

    The motheboard is mentioned in the OP: Gigabyte GA 8I915P-G.
    The new power supply is 480w.
    The old was a 240w or something. (Did not have extra 4pin power. Only the 12v 4pin for the CPU)
    When upgrading, all I did was install the new PSU, without making any new changes.

    I want to know if anyone is familiar with a 4pin 2.2volt 4pin connector that this old motherboard had on its sticker.
    Is it even possible to break a motherboard in this way?
  5. I have exact same problem My 4 pin was separate from the 20 pin so I also plugged in them all. but I also tried without the extra 4 pin but it still made the clicking noise no boot.

    Any help please because at the end of the day I'll have to return the board.
  6. SOLVED!

    The CPU wasnt seated correctly. :pt1cable:
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