I need help deciding

before i decided to build i bought a HIS 4850 Turbo 650/2ghz found here http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161244

I did not pay 130 for it. it was on sale for 89.99 with free game and free shipping. Now here is where im stumped. should i buckle down and get a 4890 1gb for 194.99 and dump my 4850 or should i grab another 4850 and crossfire.

Monitor: Acer H233H 23inch 1920x1080 Native. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824009162&Tpk=acer%20h233h
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  1. Games played: all i can say i own a ton of games and i have every latest game.

    I can play crysis warhead on mainstream very smooth, cant play GTA IV (CPU is trash) and i cant play ghostbusters on High

    everything else i can max out except for maybe stalker and cryostasis
  2. Are you asking for advice on a full build or just for the graphics card?
  3. sorry i edited. im just askign about video cards. wich is better x2 4850 or x1 4890
  4. well, if your game is optimized for crossfire, then the 4850s will crush the 4890...but if the games you play arent optimized for crossfire, then the 4890 will clearly outperform them...
  5. well what games are crossfire ready? is there a list?
  6. Copied this from another website:

    Games that work
    Call of Duty 4: Works really well, good fps gains.
    UT3: This works, decent performance gains with CF enabled.
    Bioshock: Works Amazing
    Medal of Honor Airborne: Minimum 60 fps, one card drops to 35.
    Half life 2: All the half life 2 engined games seem to work.
    S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Gives an additional 100 fps at all times, sweet.
    Gears of War: It works one cards drops to 50 fps in tested area in CF doesnt.
    Hellgate London:Cant run DX10 fails with single card and CF. In DX9 mode 70 fps with single card, CF gets 100-120 same area.
    Call of Juarez. Only have the DX9 version 60 fps single, 90 fps CF in tested area.
    Gothic 3: Works really good.
    Oblivion: Seems to work you might need to patch the game.
    World of Warcraft: Crazy fps in this game.

    and that list hasnt been updated in a while...since like 2007 or something like that
  7. ok here is a ? is goin SLI a better option then crossfire or is basicly all games about the same
  8. well if you are satisfied with the performance the single 4850 gives you, then i say keep it, so that whenever you do see a performance drop, you'll be able to crossfire another card with it...but if you are using a high resolution monitor right now, you're probably going to want the 4890....
  9. i think i answered my own ? i looked at the SLI list of games on http://www.slizone.com/object/slizone2_game.html and they basicly have every single game in there
  10. well there ya go...thats a pretty damn long list...lol
  11. yeah its changed my mind from an amd crossfire system to a 920 sli
  12. does your MoBo support SLI and Crossfire? I don't know when you bought it, but I think a majority only support one or the other. I know the x58 chipset supports both, but that is the only one i know does that. Just make sure before you go buying 2 cards that may not work as you planned.
  13. well currently im building a new rig this week one either a i7 or a 955 the 955 am3 i know only supports crossfire and the i7 build supports anything but the way its looking im going to get stuck building the crossfire system. to a point is almost doesnt seem worth it going crossfire.
  14. Personally, if your computer is only going to support crossfire, then I would go with a 4890. Later, you will be able to upgrade for less by just buying another 4890. I hear currently the 4890 in crossfire is one of the best 2 gpu setups you can have (better than a 295). However, if you are transferring your current video card over, i would get another 4850 as it will be cheaper and probably last a couple of years. Over time games are going to want more cores to run on, which will make the multi-core 4850 x2 better than a single 4890.
  15. right but not all games are supported. i was kind of looking for a better list. crossfire for prototype, bionic commando, cod world at war and i didnt see those games listed so i wasnt sure if crossfire was a good idea with them games.

    also im just wondering isnt x2 4890s over kill for 1920x1080res?
  16. cod world at war uses the same game engine as cod modern warfare (and modernwarfare2 - can't wait) so I think it would benefit substantially. Can't help with the other ones, but check ati.amd.com and the websites for the games. I would think AMD would advertise the games it helps with, but I do not know for sure.

    Edit: 4890x2 for 1920x1080. That is probably _not_ overkill. The higher the res, the higher the benefit and 1920x1080 is one of the highest common resolutions.
  17. Just get another 4850 and xfire......you will be fine....
  18. yeah i added another his 4850 turbo 650/2ghz in my build. u said 2 of them beat 1 single 4890 so im happy with that.
  19. You did the right thing, 4850s scale really well and two will outperform a gtx285 or 4890....also you don't need to worry to much about modern games supporting it. Almost everything does support crossfire now, if not out of the box there should be a patch to download.
  20. 4850's Xfire are simply amazing for the price......Make sure you up the fan speed while in-game, things are gonna get hot pretty fast if your case does not have adequate airflow...
  21. damn I wish my mobo supported crossfire...i would buy another 4850 in a heartbeat
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