Crashes and memtest errors with 2x2gb RAM

first off, my specs are:

cpu: q8200
mobo: asus p5ql-pro
ram: 2x2gb Transcend AxeRam ddr2 1066 5-5-5-15 @ 2.0v
gpu: 9800gtx+
psu: gigabyte 550w

problem: ive been experiencing bsod's and memtest errors with BOTH sticks installed, but when i put just ONE stick in,(tried all slots), it never crashes, zero memtest errors per stick. ran them both 4hrs per stick since i havent got much time today.

what ive done so far:
-upped voltage to 2.1
-loosened timings to 5-5-5-18
-unplugged hdd's during memtest to make sure my psu doesnt undervolt (suggested by a friend)
-tried all ram slots

end result is still the same. both sticks in = crash/errors, one stick in = no crash/errors

i would appreciate your help guys. thanks!!!
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  1. Try changing the "memory mapping" setting if your bios has it.
  2. ^thanks. will do. ill update on how it goes.
  3. well the memory remap didnt do anything, so i upped the nb voltage to 1.3v.. i hope this solves the crashes
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