What's a better graphics card, agp 4650 512 ddr3 or agp 4650 1gb ddr2?

use=video editing (pinnacle studio primarily; might get into HD);
power supply=460 watt, cpu=p4 3.0,sys ram=3.5 gb;xp pro 32 bit
monitor size that I have = 21 inch crt

both are $100+. .

diamond ddr3 512 4650


+EDIT: assume that the 512 can be had for $80 instead of the $100. Just found this on newegg.com

xfx ddr2 1gb 4650

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  1. That's a tough call for me. On paper, the 512MB DDR3 is the better card. Trouble is, it's a Diamond, which means (based on my bad experiences with the brand) I wouldn't touch it with with a ten-foot pole.
    If your PSU is reasonable, and if you might play any 3D games at all, you might consider a 3850: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102730.
  2. yeah, I like the 3850 jtt suggested at that price. I'm guessing it may even be faster than the 4650. Might even pick me up one!
  3. The DDR3 version. More memory overclocking headroom which is important since the 4650 is really memory bandwidth starved.
  4. At first, I thought that a 3850 wd be a *lesser* model - due to the name value of the model - but I just checked Tom's GPU hier. chart, and found that a 3850 is actually rated higher than the 4650, and it is equal to or even less than the price I was looking at with the 4650.

    good suggestion. I will consider it.


    EDIT: The maker is called Sapphire. anyone know whether this make is good ? (I saw the bad experience with diamond above).

    also, when the reqs say that a 450 psu is needed, how is the other devices and load taken into acct? what does the req assume is connected to the psu, a mobo (what kind?; there are many), cpu (what kind?; there are many cpu's), one optical and one HD? What if you have more than one HD?

    my 460 watts will be connected to

    a p4 3.0 cpu
    a dell xps gen 2 something mobo
    an ide dvd writer
    at least two , and maybe-probably 4 , 5, or 6 sata HDs


    btw, this is what it says about the psu. wd my 460 watter be ok for this card, or is this toocloseforcomfort?

    " 450Watt or greater power supply with 30Amps on 12 volt with 2x4 power connector recommanded. "
  5. As jtt said, a 3850 would be a better choice, well assuming you have the PSU for it anyway :D

    Sapphire 3850 AGP

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