Difference between these 2 4890's

I recently "today" bought the XFX 4890 XXX edition graphics card off Newegg, but they have the wrong one pictured. I was wondering if they changed the box type recently or did I order the wrong card?

This is what i bought

This video is halfway down the page he mentions the XFX XXX as the "top dog" and in a really cool box. He goes on to talk about how great it is and stuff, but mainly talking about the "midgrade" card though.

Newegg has the "black edition" pictured I believe but has "XXX" in the title lol. I'm confused, can anyone tell me what it is I bought? Is it the XXX edition like the one in the video at TigerDirect or something else?
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  1. The part number is the same, so the cards are identical.
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    Typically Newegg moves more merchandise than Tigerdirect. You would get a more recent version with Newegg.
    The box on Tigerdirect is the free game.
  3. The image newegg has had as default for tha xfx 4890 xxx has for some time been the 4770. I'm not sure why this has not been fixed.
  4. Ok. Thanks for the reply's, I just seen the video on the card at tigerdirect but they didnt have one, (the only reason I go through tiger is I get 1.99 shipping and its usually at my door the next day or 2 days. Newegg is 4-5 days usually). So before reading the fine print on Newegg I bought it ASAP so it would ship sooner. If you buy it before noon they usually have it on the road the same day. Thanks again, I was just worried I didnt get the version I wanted concidering the lowest clock speed one is 200 mid is 245 and the one I got, the xxx, the highest clock speed one was only 219. I just checked Newegg and they arnt carrying the XXX anymore lol, wierd. I ordered on Monday and it shipped on Monday but its still 2 states away and its going on thursday. 3 days my ass lol. Thanks again
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