Laptop ram speed very slow

hi ,
i have dell inspiron 3 gb ram with 250 gn hard drive .

task manager shows that cpuy usage is almot 100% and ram speed showing that its using only 425 mb .
when i look in other laptop with 4gb ram , ram is showing like 1.30 gb .

thats why its runing too slow. how can improve it?

can anyone please help me?

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  1. well first of all,
    Thats not the speed of the ram, thats how much of the physical memory of the ram your are using.
    So there for, the less the better.
    About the to different laptops using different amounts of memory...
    One must be Windows XP and the other must be running Windows Vista.
    Vista use alot more ram.
  2. i understand but still cpu usage is going upto 100% and laptop still runs too guys saying that its software issue but i could not figure out.....i have installed spybot and i can see no virus in that but still runs slow..
    can i have solution plz?
    i need to solve this issue urgently now..
  3. what processor is it?
    But I would recommend formating your hard drive and doing a clean install of windows.
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