One of RAID 0 drives got SMART error any last resorts to retrieve data

Had three Seagate 7200.12 drives in RAID 0.

During boot, the RAID configuration/status screen states "Error Occurred" for one drive.
Earlier, I installed the Intel Matrix Storage Console, it also stated "error."
Windows 7 doesn't boot anymore, and the Windows 7 boot repair just hangs.

The Seagate diagnostic software said one drive has a SMART error, and it's covered under warranty.

Before I send this back, are there any last attempts that I can try to retrieve the data from this RAID 0?

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    Unless you have the money to send the drives in to be professional recovered, the answer is no.

    Hopefully you had a backup of your data. Although going by your post I don't think you did.

    Only thing I can think of trying is a live cd version of unbuntu to see if it can see array and read it. I have had luck on unbootable singel drives doing this.
    Worked enough to retrieve some info.
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