Decreasing Phenom ii x4 955 voltage not reccomended?

I found out how to change the voltage of my cpu via bios, but when i try to go to 1.38Volts it goes red and says its not reccomended.

should i ignore this message and just go all the way to 1.3v like reccomended?
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  1. No problem, according from amd phenom II x4, x6 around 1.18 - 1.44 default. If you can go 1.3V stable it's very good and cool. For limitation is CPU temperature below 60C ( it's fisrt important)
  2. Yes it is...

    when im at idle it goes from 36-41 degree C, however when im playing minecraft at full settings (havnt tried other games but will do in the future havnt got any other games right now) it goes to 3.2 ghz and also it goes to 1.4V and 53 degree C
  3. Of course if you ran at default all Cstase still auto except vcore ( you change it). Many overclock for stability change Cstate from auto to disabled ( C1E, cool n quite) exsample : in cpu-z idle show 1.3v when full load still 1.3v.
  4. Cstase still auto except vcore ( you change it)

    sory this made no sense to me at all. Whats Cstase? whats vcore? Do i change vcore voltage or cpu voltage?

    I dont want to decrease voltage to overclock, its to reduce the temperature of the cpu when playing games.

    actually littleof what you said made sense to me because i didnt understand it as im not pro...

    Should i enable cool n quiet, its currently on auto.
    Should i go down to 1.3 volts, is there any risk
    should i do it on vcpu, or just cpu?
  5. do i change the cpu voltage or the vcpu voltage? which one?
  6. No , nothing .. Just stay it. You do not change anything because under default, you will fine all time, I just explaine to you about jump vcore (voltage cpu)
  7. you sure? i mean i was playing minecraft just now at full settings and i was reaching temps of up to 54 degree! Is this not dangerouse?
  8. I'm Sure, you will fine
  9. but others say that its too high...

    and they reccomend i decrease the voltage.
  10. Max temp for the Phenom II X4's is 62 degrees Celsius. 61 or below, no problema!
  11. hmm ok i guess
  12. Also check this from AMD :
  13. If you clear with that, close thread
  14. have been running my Phenom II 955BE C2 for near 2 years now and always change CPU voltage to recommended 1.25v when at stock settings and has always run perfect. disable Cool & Quiet and set your own CPU Steps using K10STAT in Windows. will keep it cooler and expand life of CPU. using the stock heatsink\fan with the 955 I would run up to 55°C at load and it' still fine, even overclocked.
    just look up K10STAT and you will find directions for use.
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