Raid 3 hards

I have 3 hard and I want to raid them,also I'll want to be used from simple,strip,mirror,spanned,and raid-5 volume.
but when I want to format them in these volume one of my hard could not be formated and then deactivate.
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  1. What? I would love to help but you will have to refrase stripe mirror and span are all very diffrent what do you have now and what are you going to?? Stripe is raid 0 span is also raid 0 I have heard of span that is not raid 0 but don't ever do that mirror is raid 1 and then raid 5 is 3 or more disks with redundancy so now that that is all out of the way what are you trying to do?

  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    1- With 3 disks (same space) you only can have 1 RAID array, in this case the RAID 5 is the best option for you, all the disk must be dinamic disk. Mirror is only with 2 disks, strip is for performance BUT if one disk fail, the others disks too (could you lost all your files). The spanned isn't a RAID array 'cause this can be doing with basic disk.

    2- If you know that ^, i assume that you have the RAID drivers of your mobo or RAID card.

    3- If you are sure about the 2 previous steps, i assume that you change the mode of your disk from IDE to RAID in the BIOS of the mobo.
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