Advice on hardware upgrade

Hey guys, first post virgin here.

My rig is:

AMD 7750 BE clock @ 3.075gHz
Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-US2H
DDR-2 800mHz
ATI X1950 Pro

Obviously the GPU is abit of a fossil, what do you reckon for a possible upgrade? Im thinking ATI 4850/4870??

Also my CPU is OC'ed but with the stock cooler, possible new cooler? Would like to get it up to the 3.3gHz range...

Also my PSU is 500watt Antec do you think this is still enough?

Thanks for any advice! :D
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  1. If your not gaming beyond 1680x1050 with max settings then go with a 4850.

    Your Antec PSU is good.

    Get an aftermarket cooler to be sure.
  2. thanks, im currently running crysis 1680x1050.

    been looking at the new corsair H50, hopefully drop my 100% load temp down to bump up the Mhz some more
  3. THe 4850 is a great choice and it should suit you just fine. You should be fine with the antec as well. Moving on to the corsair isn't that big of a upgrade over the very reputable Antec. Save your money until you need 700W+
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