XFX HD 6870 OC

Overclocking a XFX HD 6870 (EE model)
I've already overclocked the card a bit.
Kept voltage stock (already seemed kind of high anyways).
Voltage: 1.17v (stock)
Core: 950
Memory: 1150

Fan ramp: [0C-30%] [40C-40%] [60C-60%] [80C-90%] [90C-100%]

Can I get more out of it?

Anybody else have an OC'd HD 6870?


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  1. I OC'c mine to about the same as you. I got my Core to about 965 and my memory was the same I think. As for the voltage I have no idea.
  2. Thanks for the response skulltac!

    After many trials (and lots of hard restarts)
    I've arrived at what I believe to be the max for the XFX HD 6870.
    Memory clock could have gone higher but doing so only degraded quality.

    Voltage: 1.28v
    Core Clock: 985 (Took it to 1000 was stable for about 10 mins of game play in Batman: Arkham Asylum)
    Memory Clock: 1150 (going anywhere from 1155+ degraded quality; 1200 system locks up)

    Tools used:
    MSI Afterburner
    and Batman: Arkham Asylum for benchmark testing (not sure why so many choose Crysis 2 for benchmarks these days, it's doesn't seem near as taxing as B: AA (even with high-res textures, and Dx11))
  3. Hell I might try to OC mine a little better. I'll use your settings and see if it all stays stable.
  4. skulltac said:
    Hell I might try to OC mine a little better. I'll use your settings and see if it all stays stable.

    I definitely would! Puts it up there with a HD 6950 (just 100Mhz less in memory clock).
    Good luck! :)
  5. with stock voltages my XFX Dual-Fan 6870 runs good up to 965MHz core/1220MHz mem. anything over 965core and the tests or games just freeze and crash, anything over 1220mem and the FPS slow quite a bit with some artifacts.
    just leave mine at 950MHz/1200MHz and everything runs great and stays cool.
    if the voltage could be easily increased these can hit 1000MHz/1250MHz nicely. read many articles with reviewers reaching these speeds with 1.2v+ but I'm guessing you have to mod the BIOS to increase the voltage on 6870s. MSIAfterburner has the voltage adjuster unlocked but it doesn't effect the actual settings of the card (yet?). wish they made it easier, knowing my card could be running faster and that I can't get to it yet is buggin me.

    @skulltac, 6950 actually has quite a bit more Stream Processors and way faster memory than 6870s and can overclock to crazy speeds. probably not worth paying an extra $100-200 for though. I think we got the best price VS performance cards out there today :sol: .
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