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my gigabyte motherboard GA-G31m-ES2C got a problem... when i plug the power of my computer... the cpu is automatically booting and after 5 sec it will off... what should i do? anyone can help me? can please list down the steps how to resolve my problem? thanks :) :wahoo:
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  1. Check the "cpu support" section on gigabyte's website and see if your board needs a bios update for your cpu. Also, check the cpu heatsink and be sure it's secure evenly over the cpu. If not, it will overheat quickly. Finally, get a better power supply if yours is some no name brand. I recommend corsair, pc power and cooling, antec, seasonic, enermax, or ocz. All are good and don't overstate their load limits.
  2. its not working even i use bios update, i change the power supply.. i reset the bios... still the same problem.... cpu is automatically booting and after 5 sec it will off :(
  3. Does it do that for only the first time you plug the power cord in or turn on the PSU switch? Otherwise, does the system work normally?

    If the answer to both questions is "Yes.", don't worry about it . What is happening is that the standby power supply inside the PSU is energizing for the first time and falsely triggering the circuit that actually energizes the main power supply inside the PSU. And then more like a second later - not five, it is shutting down.

    Now, if the system shuts down in response to your pressing the case power switch (in other words - an unsuccessful boot), you do have a problem. In that case, here is our standard checklist and troubleshooting thread:
  4. many times that i try to plug and unplug the power cord its still booting itself and turn off automatically in 5 sec.... lastday i got lucky because my computer was boot successfully... i check the system and programs and it works normally.... and after 2 hrs my computer was automatically logoff and won't boot again :( and problem is back to beginning.... and still booting to itself and turning off after 5 sec.... i tried to trouble shoot my problem from these given link, and i check all contact from PSU, 8 pins of MOBO and main powercord of MOBO and i use Contact cleaner for all pins... and i check my new power supply to my other CPU and it works perfect, i think there was a problem on my gigabyte motherboard GA-G31m-ES2C Rev. 1 :( i think there is no hope for my mobo :( i'm tired of everyday troubleshooting for these problem... i think need new MOBO :(
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