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I am in need of a new Intel mobo, socket 775, core2duo/quad comparability, with at least 1 pci2x16, 4 ddr2 dims, and about 100-150. My prior was an Asus S2F that I am waiting to RMA. This has been my 2nd S2F, the first being DoA. I've been doing some research and it seems the EVGas that fit my requirements seems to have pretty much a 50/50 chance on either memory not working, or DoA. And with Asus, it's not too much better. What do you think seems to be the best roll of the dice?
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  1. Go with an MSI board this time. I don't know how many models newegg has left in stock. Or if you don't overclock, the foxconn ELA p45 is a great value with lots of standard features.
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