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For all you RAID Experts ( ) this one should be pretty easy:

I currently have one 1.5tb 7200.11 drive in my system.

I bought another (that makes two) of the exact same model and I am thinking of purchasing a third and possibly a fourth 1.5tb drive.

I have two questions:

1. Is RAID 5 the best option for me? I am looking for data duplicity and a little performance boost if possible.

2. Would it be ok for me to have of the 1.5tb drives be an "Energy-efficient", "green" or 5400rpm drive? Or would that slow-down/mess up the RAID Array.

<----- My specs are up to date under my profile and I will be using the RAID controller off my board.

PS: If you have one or more 1.5tb drives... I'd like to have them, pm me.
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  1. No thoughts?
  2. Thanks FireWire2, I've read that... I was looking for advice on my situation. I KNOW what a RAID 5 is.. I'm just wondering if someone had advice.
  3. 1) Seems like the best option for what you want. However as you've read up on raid options you've probably come to that conclusion yourself.

    When you talk about data duplicity make sure that you get what you want. Raid'll only protect you against the failure of one drive. It is no backup solution

    2) If you read around ths forum and others a bit this comes up quite a lot. While green hdd are good for specifically a NAS (the netwwork connection is the bottleneck there) it really depoends on the drive itself.

    If you go for Raid5 purely for your pc you might see a minor speedboost going fron 5400 tp 7200 however don't expect anything spectacular
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