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Hey everyone.

I want to buy an E8400 Intel processor and a good motherboard for it.

Had an ASUS board till now and it served me well, still I am not sure what should I choose, ASUS or MSI ?

These are 2 boards I've been thinking of as options: ASUS P5Q3 vs. MSI P45-C51

Could anyone help me with some sugestions or tips.


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  1. E8400 is not an advisable buy now. Its nearing the end of its lifespan. So better get something from the i series of Intel or AMD equivalent.
  2. Go ahead and get the e8400 only if you already have ddr2 ram. If you need to buy ram, get one of the new clarksdale cpus, which will sell for around $100-200, and use ddr3. If you still need a board for the 8400, I recommend the Msi board. I've had better luck with msi. Newegg should have the clarksdale cpus soon, if you want a newer cpu.
  3. Ty both for the advices. I might wait a little bit. It isn't something urgent. I want to change my ancient PC. I might as well do it right...:D

    Thanks again. ;)
  4. You are trying to upgrade an ancient PC and upgrading it to something which would be ancient in a few months. That's no wise upgrade is it?
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